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“Ziall where Niall is feeling sick and needs to get out the car, but they're stuck in traffic. So Zayn comforts him and Niall ends up falling asleep on Zayn.”

"Can I just die right now?" Niall muttered to Zayn.

The two boys were being driven back to the hotel after a photo shoot. The rest of the lads from One Direction had left earlier, but Niall being Niall, he had to stop for food first. The Irish boy forced Zayn to tag along, and the older boy couldn’t say he didn’t enjoy it. He liked Niall as a little more than a friend and didn’t complain when he had to spend time with his crush.

"What’s wrong?" Zayn asked.

"I feel sick…" Niall mumbled under his breath, just loud enough for Zayn to hear.

"Stop the car." Zayn called out to the driver. The man pulled over to the side of the empty road and Niall jumped out. Zayn ran after his friend.

The contents of Niall’s stomach were being emptied quite heavily on the curb. Zayn held back his blond hair as Niall’s dinner was spewed out.

"There, there, Niall, it’s going to be alright…" Zayn whispered to Niall. Zayn’s concern grew as he felt the younger boy’s body begin to violently shake. He pulled his bandmate close and wrapped his arms around Niall.

"It hurts." Niall cried as tears began to fall down his face. The warmth of Zayn’s body surrounded him.

"I’m here, don’t worry." The Bradford boy said to him. It was during this time that Zayn remembered why he fell in love with Niall in the first place. He loved taking care of the care-free boy when he was upset or vulnerable. It felt good in Zayn’s heart to know that he could make someone so sick or unhappy just a little bit better.

"I feel TERRIBLE!" Niall sobbed. It felt like something was tearing apart his guts. His head was spinning and throbbing violently, but the pain seemed to ease as Zayn wrapped his arms around him. He secretly liked the older boy, not that he would ever tell him. There was something about Zayn’s comfort and way of calming him that Niall really loved about the Bradford boy.

"Just calm down, Niall." Zayn said. "Close your eyes…"

Zayn felt the Irish boy’s head drop onto his lap. He looked cute like that. Niall’s face looked less upset and worried, but now it looked more peaceful and calm. His eyes blinked and finally closed and seconds later, started snoring softly.

"Sweet dreams, Niall." Zayn whispered as his secret lover fell into a deep sleep.

-Kelly :)

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