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“Zarry mpreg. Harry and Zayn always fight and break up, then quickly make up again. This time, Harry says it's final, despite Zayn begging him to stay. A few weeks after Harry leaves Zayn finds out he's 3 months pregnant and turns to his best friend Liam who promises to help Zayn. Zayn wonders if he should contact Harry, but Liam is upset with Harry for always fucking Zayn over and says no. Meanwhile, Harry is missing Zayn and comes back on his own begging forgiveness, not knowing about the baby”

When Zayn would call Liam in tears saying that he and Harry had broken up Liam, and Zayn both knew that he and Harry would be back together in days. 

BUt this time when Zayn called Liam, he wasn’t so sure. He remembered what Harry had said. 

"I’m done Zayn, done. It’s not like all the other times. I can’t fucking take this anymore" 

"Harry please don’t. I don’t know what I did, I don’t see why you’re so mad, let’s just talk about this!" 

"No Zayn. It’s too late. I’m done" and he walked out the door. 


Zayn had been a wreck the past few weeks. He was crying and eating all the time and at first he thought it was because of Harry, but then when he started getting sick he wasn’t so sure anymore. He didn’t think that this was all because of Harry. He was pathetic, he knew that, but he knew he wasn’t this pathetic. 

So just to make sure something wasn’t seriously wrong he went to the doctor.

"Mr. Malik it seems to be that you are around 3 months pregnant" the doctor said sitting down in front of Zayn. 

"What? That’s not possible! I’m a guy" the doctor sighed and nodded. 

"Exactly what most of our nurses said when we got the results, but it’s started happening more often Zayn. It’s rare and there’s only been a couple other cases here in the UK, but it is possible" 

"But I don’t…I…"

"Why don’t you talk to the father and then see what you two want to do" Zayn shook his head. He couldn’t call Harry, not after Harry had said he was done. He wasn’t going to pull him back in. "I’ll see you in a couple weeks for your checkup, here’s a prescription for some vitamins." With that the doctor was gone, leaving Zayn alone in the room. 

He pulled out his phone and dialed the only person he could think of. “Liam can you come to the doctor’s office and pick me up?”

"Where’s your car?" 

"I just….I don’t think I can drive right now"

"Yeah I’m on my way" the concern in Liam’s voice comforted Zayn. At least someone cared, even if it wasn’t the father of his child, the man he loved. 

Liam pulled up 10 minutes later. Zayn got in the car. “What’s wrong? Are you ok?” Zayn nodded numbly. 

"I’m pregnant"

"What?!" Liam’s head snapped to look at Zayn so quickly he probably got whiplash. 

"I’m pregnant. With Harry’s baby, 3 months" he wasn’t able to put together full sentences, nothing made sense in his mind. 

"That’s possible?"

"Sure is" 

They drove for a while neither one of them speaking. “Do you think I should tell Harry?” Liam pulled over immediately and stopped the car. 

"No. You are not getting involved with him again"

"But he’s the baby’s father Liam" 

"He might be but that doesn’t mean you should get your heart broken over and over again!" 


"No! I will help you with this baby, just promise me you won’t call him, he’s a dick Zayn. Has he even called to say he was sorry? Has he even said anything to you about him making a mistake? No. Don’t you dare call him Zayn" Liam looked at Zayn sternly. Zayn nodded. 

"You’re right, he doesn’t care about me" 


Harry stared up at the ceiling for the fifth night in a row not being able to sleep. Every time he closed his eyes he saw Zayn’s beautiful face and couldn’t help but miss him. The pain in his chest made it to where he couldn’t sleep peacefully and nights like tonight, couldn’t sleep at all. He knew he fucked up, he knew he treated Zayn badly. All those silly fights that ended in them breaking up were pointless, and they were his fault. This was all his fault. 

He needed Zayn. 

But did Zayn really need him? He begged him to stay, but he didn’t. He didn’t know if Zayn would ever take him back but he had to try. 


Zayn heard the doorbell ring and got up slowly. He looked at the clock and saw that it was 2 in the morning. Who could possibly be here at this time? He pulled on a shirt, it fitting too snug over his small newly formed baby bump. He ripped it off and fumbled for another one, not being able to find anything in the darkness he just went to the door shirtless. 

He threw the door open without even checking to see who it was. 

When the door opened and Harry saw Zayn his eyes immediately fell to Zayn’s bare stomach sticking out farther than it ever had and rounder than could be considered a beer gut. His eyes widened as realization hit. 

Zayn was turned speechless but Harry standing there. 

"Zayn? Are you pregnant?" all Zayn could do was nod. "What? How? Is it, Is it-"

"It’s yours" Harry nodded. Zayn let him in and he shut the door behind him. "Why are you here Harry?"

"I came to see if you would take me back, I miss you Zayn" the words washed over and comforted Zayn, but then he remembered Liam nagging about how big of a dick Harry was. 

"It’s your fault"

"I know it is, and I’m sorry Zayn. I was horrible, all the fights were my fault, and I shouldn’t have said I was done, especially not when I still love you" Zayn’s heart softened at the last words. 

"I never stopped loving you. Liam says I should, but I can’t"

"Liam’s right Zayn. I don’t deserve you" 

"No you don’t" Harry looked down sadly. "But I think I can forgive you" 


"I forgive you Harry" the words fell off Zayn’s lips like before he knew what he was saying. 


"Because I love you, Just tell me one thing"


"Did you know about the baby before you came here?"

"No! I knew nothing about it!" Zayn smiled. Liam had said that Harry didn’t care enough to come and say sorry, but here he was apologizing. And it wasn’t because he was pregnant, it was because Harry was really sorry. 

"Good" He rushed forward and hugged Harry. Harry squeezed him back, it felt awkward with Zayn’s baby bump in between them. He pulled apart and smiled. 

"This is really my baby?" Zayn smiled and kissed him. 

"Yeah, I’m 3 months along" Harry put his hand on Zayn’s stomach. 

"I promise to love you with all my heart, and I promise to love your other daddy with all my heart too" he looked up at Zayn and smiled."I treated him real badly, and he’s a much better person than I can ever be for taking me back. I don’t deserve him, but I guess he loves me. And things are going to be different from now on. Things are going to be better" Zayn pulled him back up and kissed him, the tears from them both rolling down their cheeks. 

Liam crossed Zayn’s mind eventually that night as he fell asleep in Harry’s arms, he knew he’d be furious, but he didn’t understand. He didn’t understand the love Zayn had for Harry. He hadn’t seen Harry so torn up over hurting him. Liam would get over it eventually when he saw just how Harry had changed. 


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