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“Can you do lilo morning after, fluff? Like reeeaaally fluffy and sweet and altogether perfect xxxx”

*hope this is what you wanted*

Louis shifted slightly, trying to keep out the sun that was streaming in through his bed room window. He snuggled desperately into the heat behind him, connecting with a hard body. He smiled as arms wrapped around him, and Liam’s hands drew lazy circles on his bare stomach. “Good morning.” His smile grew as Liam mumbled the words against his skin, pressing kisses at his shoulder. 

"Good morning. Do you want me to make breakfast?" Liam pulled Louis back as he started to get out of the bed. He tangled their legs together, lacing his fingers with Louis’. 

"No, let’s just stay here for awhile okay? I kind of like just being here with you." Louis nodded. "Last night was amazing. I’m glad we waited. I don’t think it could have been anymore perfect." 

"It was beyond perfect Liam. I love you so much."

"I love you too Louis. And you don’t know how many time I pictured and planned last night, my first time, but it was better than I could have ever dreamed of because it was with you."

"Liam, I really think this is it. If I wake up every single day like I did today, in your arms, my life will be perfect."

"As long as I get to hold you my life will be perfect." Louis turned, pressing a light kiss to Liam’s lips. Liam’s stomach growled loudly and Louis laughed.

"How about that breakfast now? We can cuddle again after." 


"I promise." Liam smiled.

"Okay then, but, uh, I’ll cook. You nearly burned down the kitchen last night." Louis followed Liam to the kitchen.

"That was one time!" 


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