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“Zarry/Larry mpreg. 7 year old Zephyr Malik Tomlinson is curious why doesn't look anything like his dad Louis, and finally asks if he was adopted. Harry and Louis knew the day would come when they would have to to tell 'Zeph' about Zayn & how he died the day Zephyr was born. Though sad he finds out Louis adopted him when he and Louis got married when he was 2, Zephyr and Louis both get excited when Harry says he's pregnant.”

"Daddy why don’t I look like you?" Zephyr asked as Louis was tucking him into bed. Louis froze. He knew this would come. He had to fight back the tears. It was time the boy knew, he was 7 after all. "Daddy am I adopted?" He looked up with big brown eyes, Zayn’s eyes. The ones that they all missed so much. 

"Let me get your Dad" Louis walked out and found Harry doing the dishes. "He asked"

"Asked what?"

"Why he doesn’t look like me. It’s time we tell him Harry" Harry dried off his hands, and then wiped away the single tear that had already fallen. "Alright" They walked up the stairs to Zephyr’s room. 

"Now what were you asking?" Harry patted his son’s leg. 

"Why don’t I look like Daddy Louis? Am I adopted? You’re name wasn’t Malik, Dad, so who’s was it?" Louis rubbed Harry’s back for support. 

"Zephyr, Louis isn’t your daddy, you’re right. But he does love you."

"I love you very very much" Louis said. 

"You’re dad, you’re real one besides me. He was in our band. His name was Zayn Malik, that’s where you get it from" 

"But what happened to him" Harry broke down crying and Louis had a hard time pulling it together himself. 

"Zeph, Zayn was pregnant with you, it was a hard pregnancy. He died right after giving birth to you. He actually died holding you, he had just named you and kissed you on the forehead. He died with a smile on his face" Louis told him. The little boy had tears in his eyes.  Harry pulled his son to him and rocked him. 

"Do you have a picture?" Louis nodded and went to go get one. He found one and brought it to the boy. He looked at it for awhile. "He was handsome. I look like him too"

"You do…." Harry smoothed back Zeph’s hair. 

"So what about you Daddy?" Zeph turned to Louis. 

"Well Harry and I got married when you were two. I adopted you, I had already been like a father to you and when Harry and I got married we thought it was best that we make it official." 

"Oh……" Zeph sat there and then climbed back up into Harry’s lap still carrying the picture of Zayn. "Did you love him Dad? Did you love Zayn?"

"I loved him with my whole heart. And he loved you too Zeph, he died for you" Harry cried a little bit and Zeph wiped away his tears. Zeph grabbed Louis’s hand and pulled him over. 

"You two love each other?"

"Yeah we do" Louis smiled at Harry. 

"I have something to tell you two, and I was waiting for the right time but now seems like as good as any, since we’re all here" Louis looked at Harry suspiciously. "I’m pregnant" Zeph started jumping up and down in his lap. 

"I’m going to be a big brother!!" Louis smiled at him. They tucked Zeph in with him still holding the picture of Zayn and kissed him goodnight before going to their own room. 

"Louis, you haven’t said much since I said I was pregnant" Harry sat down beside him on the bed. 

"I’m worried Haz. What if I loose you?" 

"I know….when I found out I was scared and in denial. That’s why I waited to tell you, but we just have to have faith that everything will be alright, and no matter how tragic it was, Zayn’s pregnancy and delivery taught the doctors a lot about our whole….situation. They told me what went wrong and that they now have a way to avoid that" Louis pulled Harry into a hug. 

"You miss him don’t you?" 

"Yeah I do, I really do. But I think he would be happy knowing that he’s helping me and you have a child together, he always told me that if anything ever happened to him he wanted me to be with you because he knew that we be good together. He knew before we did ourselves." 

"I love you Harry" Louis kissed him. 

"Things are going to be ok babe, we’re going to be happy" 


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