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“Niall gets bullied by someone one on staff somewhere (maybe part of their management?) and the boys get all protective over him when they find out~ Zianourry fluff pleasee! <3”

"Niall, why aren’t you eating?" The blond frowned.
“Lelslie said if I keep gaining weight you guys wouldn’t want me in the group.” Harry stopped what he was doing and spun around.
“What? Are you serious?” He nodded. He quickly called the other boys in and told them.
“Simon is meeting with management now right?” Liam didn’t wait for an answer as he pulled the boys out the door. When they reached the studio he stormed past the desk and into the meeting room. Then, Louis spoke up.
“Fire Leslie or we’re through.” Simon raised an eyebrow. Zayn stepped up.
“She’s been telling Niall to stop eating because he gained too much weight.”
“Is that true?” The woman stuttered to answer Simon’s question. Harry leaned over to stare her down.
“Don’t you dare lie. And Niall is perfect. He is more beautiful than you could dream of being and it pisses me off that you’d say that!” The others nodded in agreement. Simon fired her and sent her on her way.
“Thanks boys.” They smiled.
“Anything for our Nialler.”

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