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“Can you do a LILO mpreg with pregnant!louis? And he goes into labour while they're at an interview and they don't make it to hospital in time?”

Louis bit his lip as a wave of pain hit him. His grip on Liam’s hand tightened. “Is he all right?” Louis nodded.
“Is it the baby?” Another nod.
The boys were actually surprised by the overwhelming support they got from their fans when they had to announce Louis’ pregnancy. No one even had to ask who the father is, Liam had on a permanent proud smile. They got through two more question before Louis screamed.
“Just call an ambulance! God this hurts!” Liam held his hand.”Liam it hurts!”
They got Louis to the dressing room and onto the couch. A woman rushed through the door.
“I was here with my daughter, I’m a doctor, and I don’t think you have time to wait. This baby is coming now.”
She barked out orders of things she would need, and they were quickly supplied. Liam stood by, holding Louis’ hand. Harry actually fainted, and when he came to minutes later it was to a shrill cry. “It’s a girl!” Liam smiled.
” What will you name her?”
“What’s your name?”
“Isabelle.” Louis smiled. “Isabelle Mackenzie Payne sounds perfect.” And she was.

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